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Ojo De Aqua Geisha Honey Process - SOLD OUT


Availability: Reserved

6oz. Box
Price Per 8oz. Cup: $ 3.70

Due to limited quantities, this coffee is reserved for upcoming auction

Rating: 92 Points

Cupping Notes
Papaya, honey, jasmine
Flavors: Tamarind, honey, floral notes
Sweetness: Very sweet and juicy
Body: Smooth and creamy

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Additional Information

Country of Origin Panama
Terroir Boquete
Varietal Catuai
Harvest Jun 21, 2012
Rating 92
Reserve No


Alois Hartmann, known as the “Daniel Boone of Panama,” was in search of adventure when he settled in the Chiriqui Province of Panama. Ratibor Hartmann Troetsch, Alois’s son, followed that adventuresome spirit one step further and founded Finca Hartmann in 1940. Ratibor, with the help of his wife and their five children, work together to produce some of Panama’s finest coffees.

Notes on the Honey Process
The unique aspect of the Honey process is the fact that the mucilage remains on the parchment bean during the drying cycle of the coffee. The fully ripe cherries are harvested, de-pulped and then the drying process starts using elevated “African Style” drying beds. The drying process takes a tremendous amount of meticulous care; the beans must be rotated every other hour in order to prevent quality issues. The honey of the coffee cherries adds an intriguing amount of sweetness to the flavor of the coffee.

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